Meet the Gurus

The Brains BehindOur Leading Project:

We are a forward-thinking team of specialists that wants consumers in the MENA region to receive the same quality of products
as the rest of the world. It is why we strive to identify and thoroughly analyze each product to verify its authenticity and safety.
That way, you receive certified information that protects you
from commercial cheating and marketing scams.
We bring top researchers, chemists, dermatologists, pharmacists, and beauty experts under one roof. Their collaboration is
driven by one common goal: serving you!

Dr. Mohamed Abu Ghoush

MD-PhD in Dermatology

Cosmetology and laser treatment.

Dermatologist consultant in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia,

and the Russian Federation Certified trainer in cosmetic

injection and thread tension. Participant in many

 leading nternational conferences in aesthetic medicine and laser

 in both Europe and North America

Esraa Al-Bietar RPh.

BSc. In Pharmacy

Senior Cosmetics Ingredient Specialist

The Me in Cos(Me)tics must not be overlooked, 

each person deserves a tailored care routine based on their needs. 

Like a puzzle, each ingredient must fit in its place,

 otherwise the picture will not be complete

Ph. Dana Al-Khatib

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Operation officer and Technical support.

I will prepare your orders with love.

And you can read my scientific articles

on Nattoral’s Blog.

Ph. Esra'a Hussein

BSc in pharmacy

Products specialist and content creator.

I will not compromise your safety while

I am doing the V-CARD process.

Ph. Farah Al-Refai

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Technical support officer I do my best to provide

the greatest choice of safe and natural products

with a complete description of each item and adding

a magic touches to present the best for you.