Beauty Trends: To Follow or Not to Follow?

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Beauty trends dominate the world of cosmetics, health, and fashion. As time passes and preferences change, beauty takes on a different meaning.As the world lives on, beauty trends keep changing due to the advancements being made in the world of beauty. But then, an important question arises: Do you need to follow all of these trends?

This blog will tell you the ultimate truth about beauty trends and how they affect our lives without us even realizing it. Keep reading ahead to know about the beauty trends to follow and those you need to ditch.

The Hype in Beauty

The billion-dollar cosmetics industry is an expert in creating hype about beauty products. At times, most of these products don’t even live up to their expectations.

Imagine a young woman walking into a makeup store. She looks around and sees the latest ad for a newly launched mascara. She is swooned by those long lashes and buys the product immediately without even realizing that the ad's model is wearing fake lashes. But who are we to blame for this? The brand made a sale, and the woman walked home happy.

Cosmetic companies walk a fine line by promising results that are near to impossible. No cosmetic cream can ever make you look 25 when you’re 50. People who believe the hype created by beauty brands usually end up being dissatisfied with their appearance.

Today, brands are adopting more "ethical" trends and refusing to make false promises. One of these ethical beauty trends is to promote the usage of beauty products made from 100% safe ingredients..

How Do Trends Change the Way We Define Ourselves?

According to a study [1]about the influence of the beauty industry on women in society, there is a significant impact of advertising and beauty trends on the mindsets of several women that use beauty products. Unrealistic advertisements like severely airbrushed photos stem negative emotions, and as a result, women start suffering from self-esteem issues, low self-confidence, and anxiety.

Most beauty trends do not last long. They disappear before we can even use them to define ourselves. However, there are some that stick with the world forever. Consider drag makeup. Many artists use drag makeup in their daily life to depict who they truly are. Similarly, clean beauty is another trend that has changed the way people used to define themselves. Consumers are “greener” than ever and are adopting safer practices in all aspects of life. At Nattoral, we are dedicated to selecting safer ingredients for our cosmetics to serve today’s consumers.

Do Trends Make Us Better People?

Most of us follow trends because, as humans, we have an instinct to follow the crowd. We are taught to behave in a certain way since childhood to fit and act like everybody else. Following trends makes us behave like a specific group of people. Not all of us follow the same trends, but we follow some of them to feel accepted.

Whether trends make us better people or not is a very subjective question. The bushy eyebrow trend might not make us better people, but following the safe and clean beauty trend will allow us to take care of our bodies and focus on human health. For instance, Nattoral’s main aim is to take care of human health by promoting the use of safe ingredients.


Do Trends Take Beauty Health into Account?

Some trends do, while some do not. Trends like tanning your body under the sun can cause more harm than good since they increase the risk of skin cancer[2]. Such trends are not worth ruining your health. Other trends like clean beauty are developed keeping your health in mind. Health is the #1 priority for clean beauty followers. They care about what they are putting on their faces and the impact of their consumption on the environment.

Beauty Trends: Yay or Nay?

While not all beauty trends are made to be followed, not all are made to be ignored. While some beauty trends give false impressions of beauty, some promote healthy habits and simple living. So, listen to your consciousness when deciding which beauty trends to follow, as only you can determine what's best for yourself.



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