Clean Beauty Routines Inspired by Celebrities

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Clean Beauty is one of the hottest topics in the world of beauty. With the rise of the ever- conscious Millennial population, brands are now creating beauty products made from safe ,and sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients. Even celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon and have adopted a clean beauty routine. With a huge fan following and their stunning looks, these celebrities are also motivating their fans to talk about clean beauty.

In this blog, we will give some useful tips for clean beauty that you can add to your routine and talk about some prominent celebrities who use these skin care in their daily lives.

Useful Tips for Clean Beauty

Switching from your usual beauty routine to a clean beauty one can be challenging but do not fret! We have got you covered with some useful tips for a clean beauty routine.



Tip 1: Declutter Your Beauty Products

Before you dive in and make your clean beauty products, declutter your beauty products. It's very likely that many products are just sitting on your vanity without you ever using them. Get rid of those first. If any of your beauty products has expired, toss it out immediately. Just keep all your essentials. Once you are left with essential cosmetics, go online and look for clean beauty products to swap your regular cosmetics with.


Tip 2: Pay Attention to the Ingredients

While researching clean beauty products, pay extra attention to the ingredients[1] they contain. Some products might have natural ingredients but might not be 100% safe. Find out clean beauty substitutes for products that were previously a part of your routine, don’t hesitate to ask specialized person in this field before buying any new clean product.


Tip 3: Research About Clean Beauty Brands

Not all brands make clean beauty products. Do not be disappointed if your favorite brand is not labeled "clean;" there are still plenty of great fish out in the sea! Choose brands like Nattoral that promote well- studied, natural-based and safe product. [2]


Celebrities Who Use Clean Beauty 


Emma Watson


Emma Watson is always about all things natural. She is a huge supporter of clean beauty and a strong advocate of organic and natural skincare products. In an interview with ITG [3], Emma said that she is super interested in sustainability and tries to put together her hair and makeup with organic beauty products. She works actively to increase awareness about sustainable beauty and fashion.


Miranda Kerr


The gorgeous Miranda Kerr is famously known for her modeling skills and her skincare line of organic and natural certified beauty products called KORA. She grew up in the Australian countryside and always had a deep fascination with natural ingredients. She believes that using them can make us healthier!



Shailene Woodley



Shailene Woodley is what we call a natural beauty junkie! The actress is obsessed with studying about herbalism and traditional beauty rituals. She has the best natural beauty hacks and takes clean beauty to the next level by making her own toothpaste using a mixture of clays. Talk about commitment!



While there are tons of clean beauty products and trends emerging, be mindful that natural beauty is supposed to be simple. Rather than getting caught up in too many products, take some advice from celebrities who use organic skin care and keep your routine minimal.



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