How to Make Rose Water at Home for Glowing Skin

We’re all familiar with the power of roses in communicating our love and affection for our significant others. However, do you know about the numerous brilliant benefits1 these plants hold for our face? Roses have antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties that can do wonders for your skin.

That said, roses are an excellent component to incorporate in your skincare routine for glowing skin, and the best way to do that is through rose water. Here’s how to make rose water at home and other things you need to know about it.


Types of Roses Used to Make Rose Water

Currently, there are more than 200 species of roses found all over the world. However, when it comes to making rose water, there are two main popular ones: Rosa Damascena and Rosa Centifolia. Within these species, there are certain types as well, which are commonly used for making rose water, such as Leda, Madame Hardy, Fantin Latour, and so on.

When it comes to making rose water for glowing skin or any of its other uses, it doesn’t really matter which type or species of the flower you use. You can simply pick the roses in your garden or get the ones available at your nearest supermarket.


How to Make Rose Water at Home?

There are several methods of preparing rose water at home.

Method 1

Take the petals off the roses till you have about half to one cup of rose petals2. Gently rinse the petals to wash away any dirt or mud. Take a deep saucepan and put all the petals in it. Fill this saucepan with distilled water till all the petals are submerged. Don’t add in too much water as that will dilute your rose water.

After that, place the saucepan on medium heat and bring it to a simmer. Once the water starts simmering, lower the heat and cover the saucepan for about 15 to 30 minutes. After that, the petals should have lost their color and turned a pale pink. Turn off the heat and let the water cool.

Once it’s cool enough, strain the water to separate the petals from the water. Pour that water into an airtight bottle, and your rose water is ready.

Method 2

This method is slightly harder but also produces stronger and more potent rose water. Start off by taking a cup worth of rose petals. Take a saucepan and place a bowl in the center of it. Make sure the bowl is high enough to reach the pan’s edges. Take your rose petals and place them in the saucepan around the bowl, making sure nothing goes inside the bowl.

Then, fill the saucepan (not the bowl) with distilled water till the petals are submerged. Place the lid of the saucepan upside down on the pan and cover it with ice cubes. Turn on the heat at a low to medium setting.

The heat from below and ice from above will help you distill the rose water into the bowl. Keep adding more ice cubes as they melt. Do this for about half an hour or till the rose petals lose color. Let the water cool down. Then pour the distilled water into a container.


How to Use Rose Water for Glowing Skin?

Once you have your homemade rose water, there are several ways to use rose water for glowing skin.

• Use it as a facial toner to remove excess oil and dirt from your face.

• Use chilled rose water to treat puffy eyes and dark circles.

• Use it as a face mist and setting spray after your makeup.

• Use it to hydrate your skin before locking it in with a moisturizer.

• Use it as an after-shave.

• Use it to treat inflamed and irritated skin.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to make rose water at home, you can use the recipe to achieve glowing skin. Moreover, it’s not just beneficial for your face; it’s also great for your hair and mind 3. Not to mention, since you’re making it yourself, you get to save yourself from harmful chemicals and contribute to the environment as well!



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