Instant Beauty Tips You Can Adopt Easily!

tips to have a healthy hair and skin :

When it comes to our beauty routine, most of us make mistakes without even realizing it. We might think that certain habits, like applying lemon on the skin, are advantageous, but the truth is, they might be creating a bigger problem for us than the ones we are trying to solve.

Maintaining a beauty regimen does not require much time as it does attention. In this blog, we will discuss some instant beauty tips and small details that you must pay attention to during your beauty routine. These can change your life even more than you can imagine.

So, let’s begin.


Instant Beauty Tips to Look and Feel Good!

1.Brushing Your Hair

Never ever brush your hair when it’s wet. Your hair is more prone to breakage when they are wet since they are fragile and weak at that time. Brushing them in this condition can leave you with a hairy comb.

Always brush your hair before you hop into the shower to detangle it and eliminate any knots. Shampooing and conditioning tangled hair can become very difficult as hair tends to get entangled during showering as well. Focus on your scalp while shampooing. [1] After you have showered, let your hair dry up a bit before combing it.

Avoid using hairbrushes and opt for wide-toothed combs instead since they are gentler and cause less breakage.

2. Bedtime Behavior

Want better-looking hair and skin? Swap out your old linen and cotton pillow covers for silk ones today! Silk pillowcases  improve not only skin and hair hydration but also prevent excessive hair breakage.

Silk pillowcases prevent the development of aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles. They also absorb less dirt from their surroundings, making them a better option for people with oily, acne-prone skin and enlarged pores.

3. Washing Your Skin and Hair

Never wash your skin or hair with extremely hot or extremely cold water.

Taking a hot shower can dry out your skin and strip it of moisture. It damages the keratin cells on the outer most surface of our skin called the epidermis. These cells help retain moisture. Washing your hair with extremely hot water can strip your scalp and take away the essential oils, reducing the moisture content. It can also cause redness and itchiness.

Washing your hair with cold water can increase the moisture content of your hair. Simultaneously, too much moisture can weigh down your hair, reducing its volume and making it look flat. If you have an oily scalp and hair, cold water will not do such a thorough job. Cold water is also ineffective in removing dirt and sebum from the pores on the skin.

The ideal water temperature to wash your hair and skin with is around 38 degrees Celsius.

4. Drying Your Skin

One of the most promising instant beauty tips is drying your face using soft tissues rather than towels. Towels are made of rough fibers that can harm your skin barrier when you rub it against your skin. Since towels are reusable, they tend to carry germs. Use soft tissues to pat dry your skin (never rub) each time you wash it.

5. Drying Your Hair

Drying your hair with a microfiber towel is the best thing you can do for it. A microfiber towel is made up of nylon and polyester fibers that are 200 times thinner than a human's hair.  These fibers are very gentle on human hair and allow them to say smooth, improving their appearance.  They also help to limit frizzy-ness.

Are you wow-ed by how easy these instant beauty tips are to implement?


Make these small beauty habits a part of your routine. No matter how many expensive products you use, bad habits will never let you reach your ideal skin and hair goals. Pay attention to your routine, and stay beautiful!



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