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Blow Styling Hair Brush-The Smoothing Tool- half size

14.700 JOD 21 JOD

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Your healthiest blow-dry yet !

Gently delivers:

  • Quick drying
  • Frizz free
  • Smooth results with volume and shine

The Smoothing Tool is our innovative blow-drying hairbrush, designed to take the hair from wet to dry, it has overlapping fixed base teeth with built-in tension and flexibility at the tips for a quick, smooth and gentle blow-dry without pulling or stretch-drying.
The half size is the perfect smoothing brush for short to medium hair lengths.

How to Use 

Divide your hair into equal parts, then start picking up a part of the hair from the end and place the brush at the roots of the hair from the bottom side to give the hair more volume, then move it towards the ends while you are using the hair dryer from a distance of approximately 2 inches from the top of hair.
Repeat these steps for all parts of the hair.


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