dry skin / Radiant Skin

For Mother Russia

58 JOD

Discover the secret for a velvety skin with Siberian goodies, Body scrub gently exfoliates with Brine salt abundant in minerals, body cream hydrates and refreshes skin for a soft and velvety touch and last but not the least Body butter delicately and tenderly treats your skin, hydrating and softening it, relieving from dryness and scaling. Best Formulas Rich in micro-nutrients, organic honey perfectly nourishes, softens and lifts skin, Maral root and Daurian rose deeply moisturises skin, giving it a day-long freshness and radiance. Tuvan yak milk and Cedar oil infuses skin with proper level of hydration.

This Routine has been thoroughly studied, checked and approved by Nattoral website team.

How To Use

  1. gently massage the scrub into wet skin and then rinse.
  2. lightly massage cream into clean, dry skin.
  3. lightly massage butter into clean, dry skin


Key Ingredients


Sayan honey, salt, Maral Root, Durian Rose, Tuvan yak milk

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