Aqua Massage

Kid Sponge

2.900 JOD

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*100% natural pure cellulose sponge. soft and absorbent, it is ideal for the delicate skin of children. makes the bathroom playful and fun.
*The product has been thoroughly studied, checked and approved by Nattoral website team.


100% natural pure cellulose and Sisal.
Sisal is a natural fiber derived from the "Agave
Sisalana" Of African origin.


•After using your sponge each day, you should wring it out to remove excess water and hang it in a well-ventilated area to dry.
•Dermatologists recommend that you throw out a loofah after three to four weeks, since it easily grows bacteria in its crevices, and by that time will have lost some of its exfoliating properties.



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