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Sprunchie- Pride Hair cloud

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Luxurious soft, shiny, velvet design - ultimate fashion accessory, it also looks great around the wrist. Ensures a high wearing comfort - without damage, pulling, braking and headaches. Provides strong grip, but doesn't leave any trace in the hair yet a high wearing comfort. Contains a classic ORIGINAL, therefore providing the benefits that come with all the classic hair ring. Holds all strands of hair together thanks to its spiral shape. Easy to remove without compromising on comfort.

The product has been thoroughly studied, checked and approved by Nattoral website team.


Made of Polyurethane

Polyurethane is hygienic, since it neither absorbs dirt nor bacteria, and has a very easily cleaned surface.

If It starts to wear out after a while, you can make it contract again by placing it in the sun, on top of a heater or a towel, or in hot water.



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