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Are your nails in a real need of help? Say goodbye to nail emergencies with Nail Rescue Treatment, Your dry, damaged and brittle nails will be replaced by a set of nourished nails with rosa centifolia flower extract that deeply hydrate and reduces bacteria around nails. Tricossacaride strengthens your nail bed, fighting back against the damage caused by picking at your cuticles, biting your nails, or even just overusing products, Argan oil hand and nail balm soften and soothe very dry and chapped hands, while providing intensive miniaturization for soft and supple skin.

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How To Use

Argan Oil Hand & Nail Balm: Apply two to three times a day as necessary.with regular use helps fade unwanted dark, brown marks on hands.
NAIL RESCUE TREATMENT: evenly distribute using the special applicator tip on all the surface of the nails and cuticles and leave on. The product can be applied also to varnished nails near the cuticles, Daily use/Ideally several times a day.


Key Ingredients

Argan Oil, Urea, Shea Butter, Rosa centifolia flower, Tricossacaride.


Free From

EU Allergen-Free




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