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The Original Hair Brush- Thick & Curly

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Looking for the ultimate detangling brush for curly hair? A real game-changer for many, our Thick & Curly detangling hairbrush is designed for thick, curly or textured hair. Detangling wet or dry hair quickly and easily with its two-tiered firm-flex teeth – they’re longer and stronger than our other hairbrushes – it leaves curls totally tangle-free and super-defined. Perfect for frizz-free hair.
This brush is designed for :
  • Thick
  • Wavy
  • Coarse hair
  • curly hair
  • Wet and dry hair detangling
The product has been thoroughly studied, checked and approved by Nattoral website team.

How to Use 

gently towel dry the hair. start detangling at the ends of the hair first. work your way up until you can easily brush from root to ends.


Not to be used with heat.

Expected Results

89% Healthier-looking hair


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