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Vitarain Korean Vitamin Shower Filter

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Vitarin Shower Filter: Chlorine Neutralization, Heavy Metal Removal, Skin Benefits.  

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Vitarin shower filter is an easy-to-install, no tools required shower filter that neutralizes chlorine & removes sediments like rust and water-soluble heavy metals from your shower water.


  • Neutralizes free chlorine that may irritate your skin & respiratory system.
  • Double protection from the harmful effects of chlorinated water, as the filter contains vitamin C that is equivalent to 800 lemons.
  • Removes rust, foreign substances & water soluble heavy metals by up to 95%.
  • Reduces build up of salts in & around faucets.
  • Enriched with honey & propolis that leaves your hair & skin well moisturized.
  • Improves mood & relieves stress, thanks to the aromatic scents with the power of essential oils that double the feeling of freshness & give you more enjoyable shower time.
  • Protect the fetus and the pregnant mother from the potential harms of bathing with chlorinated water.

Honey, Propolis, Vitamin C, Essential oils.


ثثبيت 2

  • Do not keep the product for long after the removal of plastic packaging.
  • The service life may vary depending on water pressure, temperature & duration of shower.

EU Allergen-Free.  

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