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Maskne, What Is It? And Why Does It Appear?

Maskne, what is it? And why does it appear?  
 During the period of the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic, wearing medical masks is a responsibility that falls on all of us, as wearing them reduces the chance of contracting the disease and transmitting it between people, especially when we are closer to people, as happens when we go shopping or inside restaurants, but the general atmosphere that the mask leaves the face in, by friction, high humidity, and excessive sweat causes the skin to suffer from irritation.

This Irritation develops to several that people refer to as Maskne as an expression of their appearance after wearing the mask. Maskne is not limited to people who suffer from skin problems, as wearing the mask puts everyone at risk of developing acne. In this blog, we discuss home methods, tips, and treatments that can reduce Maskne.

 The most important skincare tips to reduce Maskne  
 Some believe that the best solution to get rid of Maskne is to stop wearing it, but this will expose us and our loved ones to the harmful effects of coivd-19, so you must commit to wearing it and follow the protocols to prevent corona infection.  
Fortunately, some tips can reduce the appearance of Maskne and the symptoms associated with it, and we can highlight the most important methods of skincare in the following:

  • Washing the face several times a day:     
    Doctors recommend washing the face with warm water, and to dry the skin directly, making sure not to rub it or excessively dry it using a towel. Thus, the fight against Maskne begins with washing the face once a day, before bed, and after taking off the mask or sweating profusely, which ensures that the area is kept clean.  
  • Cleanse the skin:     
     This ensures we get rid of any impurities, excess oils, bacteria, or sweat accumulated on the skin, but if you are unable to determine the type of cleanser suitable for you, you can consult Nattoral’s Medical Team , especially if you have sensitive skin.The cleanser that contains salicylic acid contributes to the prevention and treatment of pimples in general, and in the case of Maskne, it is one of the necessary steps that will reduce this problem significantly.  
    It is highly important to stay away from cleansers that contain alcohol or are of high perfume content, as these substances cause skin irritation, and cause the symptoms to persist for a longer period.  
  • Hydrate the skin:       
    It is important to maintain the skin’s moisture in general, but with Maskne, it is preferable to put a slightly thicker layer of moisturizer over the area in contact with the mask, and the use of moisturizers that contain the substances mentioned below, as well contribute to oil control, strengthen the protective skin barrier, and fight acne:  
    - Niacinamide .  
    - Azelaic acid .  
    - Ceramides .  
    - Hyaluronic acid .  
    Determining the type of moisturizing creams depends on the type of skin, as it is preferable to use gel moisturizers for oily skin , while those with dry skin need moisturizing creams, and for normal skin , it is usually recommended to use lotions. 
  • Rosewater spray:      
    Rosewater is known for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, as well as for being a strong antioxidant, which is why some may benefit from using rose water spray during the day while wearing a mask.
  • Avoid makeup:      
    Avoid wearing makeup on the affected skin during the recovery period from Maskne as these products may cause clog the pores of the skin, and halt the recovery period. 

Is there a specific type of mask that prevents the appearance of Maskne?  
Some may not be able to choose a specific type of masks, and they may be forced to wear a certain type of masks, but if one can choose a specific type, it is recommended to use masks made of complete cotton, as they have good ventilation, but this will expose one to infection easily, however, if it is multi-layered it is of enough protection. It is also recommended to wash it after each use from it such as sunscreen residues, skincare products, and cosmetics, as all these residues clog the pores, and increase the friction causing Maskne.  As for single-use masks, we note the importance of changing them constantly and as soon as possible, and to avoid wearing the same one more than once.

In the end, we would like to emphasize the importance of wearing masks, and we also advise not to neglect the cleanliness of them, as it prevents Maskne from occurring in the first place. 


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